The ultimate alchemy 🧙🏻 is transmuting base substances into gold - the philosopher's stone.

After thousands of years of research, humans almost found a solution to create gold, but it is too costly to feasible to build one 💰.

Modern alchemy does not seek to create gold anymore. Instead, they are creating value for money 🎰.

In the modern standard, gold is no longer valuable. The most valuable things are the most useless things in the world.

Yacht History Supreme costs $4.5B.

However, the most valuable things are debt.

Why is debt more valuable?

✅ Debt generates cash flow

Weird it sounds, but owning debt of someone generates cash flow.

✅ Debt guarantees incomes

Debt produces incomes, and it will never default.

✅ Everyone encourages to take debts

Nations encourage you to take more debts.

✅ Debt creates recessions

When debt accumulates over the work output, it starts to reduce its value. The recession will come after.

✅ Recession does not discourage debt risks

Even though the recession is coming, the government still promotes more debt.

✅ Nation does not need to pay off debt

Yes, as long as you can have a cash flow, you do not need to pay it off. It applies to the nation only!

The cycle went on and on until cryptocurrencies were invented.

Modern alchemy invents debt.

✅ Cryptocurrencies can reduce debt risk

It breaks the debt loop and pays off debt if possible.

✅ Cryptocurrencies create a new credit cycle

They re-invented the money that does not rely on debt.

Do you want to own debt or cryptocurrencies?