The global stock market has been going through challenging times in recent years, as supply and demand have dipped at different points. However, as is often the case with a volatile industry, this dip has led to opportunities that would not have arisen if the market had stayed at a steady level. The market's diverse nature means that everyone can find opportunities. So how come the market is from hero to zero within 6 months?

What are the current market trends?

In the first six months of 2022, the stock market was down by 20%. However, the crypto market is down about 70%. The fact that the market is down as fast has never happened in recent history. There is a growing need for non-merino wool, and this is likely to create opportunities for investors. However, the market trend is very negative due to very negative the market sentiment that goes near zero!

The need for change is clear

Why people are so negative about the market trend. One of the reasons, thanks to social media, institutional investors create an illusion that everything is doomed, so they had accumulated money to buy the dip and make retail investors be fools of selling at the low is one of many reasons the sentiment is so low. If the economy is really that bad, the government should cut its spending to fight against the downturn. However, it is the opposite of what has happened. The government increases spending!

Where does the money go

The market sold off, and it will continue this year. The money all goes to the government. That is why the government continues spending crazy while the rest of the market is going lower. Everyone just got a rugged pull from the government. Everyone got rugged pull this time, thanks to experts and economists.

Diversification of investments is not working here

When everywhere is down, diversification is not a way to enter the market. The government's rugged pull makes it worst. The crypto market goes down with this trend as well. However, the crypto market has whales that will turn the market around without influence from the government. Do not enter into the stock market when the government rugged pull everyone. It is a time for losing money rather than gaining.

Tangible assets will become increasingly popular?

As the economy slows down, people begin to look for investments that can hold their value. This is why gold and silver have become so popular in past years. However, if you see the commodities market, everything is down. The only thing that is up is the dollar. The Fed is collecting debts from everyone who received their printed money in 2020. It is time to pay off your debts. Even the tangible assets are due on their debts. That is why we need the crypto on the check of the fiat currency.


The market is broadening its rug pull from everywhere. This is a warning for everyone to rethink their savings. There is no way to escape the downtrend unless the crypto market fights back against the trend and creates its own path in the future.