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Shiba recruits game designers to help build a metaverse. From meme token to meme metaverse, Shiba can make themselves apart from Dogecoin.

1 million users

The Shiba army has recruited 1 million users who owned Shiba and made memes for them. They are a great force to help promote the Shiba metaverse.

What meme can do to Metaverse

How seriously do people think about Metaverse? We may not immediately know. A meme can blur such doubts and attract more people to join and try without seeking a certain meaning of Metaverse.

Shiba hype

Even though many people believe that Shiba is just a joke like Dogecoin, Shiba makes great investment returns for others. However, it does guarantee great returns for everyone. It is hype until it is not. Shiba can offer more than just hype. It can provide a connection between the virtual market to the physical market. One can sell their products both physically and virtually.

Some concerns

Although Shiba can have a big future, there are many concerns to face. Physical and virtual assets may compete with each other. With Shiba as both physically and virtually used currency, one can find it difficult to determine the valuation of both assets. Meme token can be harder to detach from its original creation, its value can fluctuate larger than before. Scammers can always take advantage of such hype and try to take advantage of new users. Rug pull potentially can still happen to meme tokens anytime without any foreseeable notices.

In conclusion

Shiba got to create communities and create projects. However, we will see how far meme tokens can evolve to become.

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Photo by julien Tromeur on Unsplash

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