"Do you know you're lazy?" These words were in the form of a question posed to me by a friend and also some sort of fact about my life as she had claimed, albeit jokingly. In reality she actually wanted me to help her out with some of the difficult tasks in the house which i didn't want to do cos I was just tired.

Those words got me thinking about the whole idea of laziness, even though I still didn't help her out. First lets look up the word 'Lazy' in the dictionary:

> 1. Causing or characterised by idleness; relaxed or leisurely.

> 2. Unwilling to do work or make an effort; disinclined to exertion.

Above are just two of the various definition of lazy in the dictionary.

Yeah I know for sure that laziness is not a good thing, or is it, what makes it so bad and unappreciated by everyone, we all do it one way or the other. I'm not so sure anymore if its good or bad, people nowadays tend to define their good and bad but there's a general agreement as to what's good and bad and most will agree that over doing it, laziness, is not a good thing and I agree also.

But what if you're overdoing it also, yeah you, doesn't that make you a 'lazy person'?

What makes you so different from the other lazy person you might have in mind is it the hours and effort you put in to something well I doubt it.

A popular saying goes like this, 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy'. Looking at that closely, i could see that play there referes to some sort of distraction from your current work just so you can be refreshed. Distractions can be you doing something different from what you were doing, ( cos we never real just don't do anything, we're always doing something).

Or you could simply go on to rest a bit, that is another form of distraction. By resting, you're idle and by being idle you're lazy. So in the all work and no play stuff, you could replace 'Play' there with Rest or better still LAZY. So it'll be 'all work and no lazy-ing makes jack a dull boy'.

Now we know that there are some so called 'hardworking people' but do they really work hard, like really hard? Well my best guess is no, infact they are the laziest set of people according to some that knows what hard-work is. Somehow they found a way to overcome the hard work and become 'lazy' they were smart.

What does this say about laziness, well its a thing of the mind, your body doesn't get lazy in my opinion, if the mind is active, the body will follow suit. If you're lazy, you're lazy in your mind which is the seat of all your actions in life.

For the hardworking people, its work-work-work-lazy(rest) while for the 'lazy' ones its lazy-lazy-lazy-morelazy-work. And then repeat the cycle.

Laziness is tricky though and can capture even the most hardworking person you know and its not a general thing, like you can be part lazy in your life.

Take for instance you sleeping at night, breathing peacefully and gently in your bed as cozy as possible and then you wake up in the morning and someone asks, how was your night and you say "I had a good night's rest". Really? You call that rest? More like a good night of laziness. In essence you were lazy all through the night and became 'hardworking' in the morning cos who told you night is for sleep/rest huh.

I'll advice you to lazy a bit if you can cos its a good thing too and like most good things, it can become bad when you over do it. You'll have to define the amount of laziness good for you.