Even now, when the days are getting shorter and darker, and many trees barely carry leaves, we can still discover so much color around us. A few days ago I was on a little round in one of our local parks and when I went past the rose garden there, I could hardly hide my surprise. Many of the roses there were in bloom, and that now at the end of the year.

There I realize once again that I have no idea about flowers. But nevertheless I enjoyed this wonderful sight very much and of course I stuck my nose in some of the roses. Fortunately, bees are no longer buzzing around at this time of year, so that was a rather safe thing. Some of the roses smelled very lovely , which added to my surprise.

I would have expected this sight and scent around me rather in spring and summer, but all the more I was delighted and gladly stayed a while longer in this rose garden.

It is fantastic how much beauty nature gives us the whole year over and over again. Even now at the end of autumn it is much more colorful than we expect. We just have to look closely, so that even on dark and gloomy days we will see so many colorful spots around us, which help to brighten up even the gray season.

So look closely the next time you're outside. It will definitely be worth it!