Those days we still have restriction of maximum 5 in a group. I saw a number of animals before I came to a kids area.

那些日子我们仍然限制最多5个一组。 在我来到儿童区之前,我看到了许多动物。

They even had a carousel there with not much business.


Even the apes were bored.


But there was no yatch in the lake.


It had rained and the dark cloud lingered.


I read that one of the way to fall asleep fast is to imagine yourself "laying in a canoe surrounded by only clear lake water". So I made this image.


I actually make that picture by cutting from this picture source from Pixabay using just Powerpoint. Isn't that cool?

Image source: Pixabay

实际上制作了那图的独木舟照片是来自Pixabay而我仅使用 Powerpoint 来合成。酷吧。

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