It is no doubt a great pleasure to be back here on Scorum. Today we would be discussing another exciting topic in our series.

The series if you do not already know, is concerned with some of the most amazing things tourists can do on their visit to the Blue Mountains.

Previously, activities like Gondola riding, skiing and hiking have been discussed. Right now, the workout to be discussed is none other than Zipline and Rope tackle.

Ziplining on the Blue mountains

For those interested in great activities that are not insane, then Zipline In the Blue Mountains provides just that.

Here is how it is done. When the person is safely buckled, he is then let loose to descend the slope of the Blue mountains. The speed during the descending process can average over 45 kilometres per hour.

The ziplines usually stretch from tower to tower and can provide great muscle stretching

Highlights on the Rope Course

The rope course is located next to the Zipline facilities. These rope courses take three dimensions, which are further subdivided into about 25 exercises.

The exercises include Bridges and tire swings. However, this is usually done by individuals who are not scared of heights.


This article has provided details concerning two major activities in the blue mountains. These activities are as are aforementioned – Zipline and Rope tackling.

The next article would highlight yet another amazing exercise to partake on in the Blue Mountains. Kindly stay tuned if you have been enjoying the series.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel