It is a pleasure to be back right here on scorum. For those who have been constantly following, we began this series about four days ago. So far, we have constantly published daily articles on a variety of tourists locations in Peru.

More to that, locations such as the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu and Cusco city were discussed. With that in mind, we would be shifting concentration to another amazing tourist location in Peru.

This is none other than the Titicaca lake. Highlights on the Titicaca lake would be given below.

Highlights on the Titicaca lake

The blue water lake of Titicaca is surrounded by lots of interesting features.

Beside the lake of Titicaca is the home to high mountains and numerous small villages. For many tourists who visit, the interesting feature is due to how serene the environment among the lakes is.

Other highlights on the Titicaca Lake

Due to the locale of the Titicaca lake, lots of knowledge about the characteristics of the Peru people. In other words, tourists who desire to learn more about the natives of Peru can spend time in the villages of the Titicaca lake

The highest mountain on the Titicaca lake sits about 3800 feet above sea level. And is a perfect surroundings for hiking.


With the aforementioned details, it is easy to see why the lake of Titicaca is ranked among the most exciting tourist locations in Peru.

The next article would highlight another amazing tourist location in Peru. Kindly stay tuned.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel