Regardless of the topic you are writing about, there are general rules for the correct, competent and readable design of the article.

How to write texts and articles correctly and beautifully, you will learn by reading the rules below.

1. Read a lot and write daily

2. Follow ideas and goals

3. Catchy headlines

4. Correct first sentence

5. Paragraphs

6. Structurality

7. Passion

8. Postscript

9. Design

10. Pictures

11. Editing

1. Read a lot and write every day Read as many books as possible! Let it be educational books or fiction, because reading will always benefit your writing skills, work of imagination, intellect and erudition. This advice is not always easy to implement, but if you want to write in an interesting and easy way, you need to read a lot. Write your diary daily, but it takes personal discipline and consistency. The minimum amount of daily written text should be 300-500 words. There is a special freewriting technique where you sit down and within fifteen minutes write whatever comes to your mind.

2. Follow the idea and purpose of the article It is important to understand the idea - what do you want to write about? And also, the goal - why are you doing this? Most of us write with each of us pursuing their own goals, but more often, for the sake of money or to increase our own expertise in some issue.

3. Work hard and come up with interesting captivating headlines! Always try to come up with interesting, non-trivial headlines, because this is the face of your article. You will find many ideas for headlines and how to write them correctly in magazines or newspapers.

4. The first sentence, like the title of your article, can either make the reader absorb the material with enthusiasm or bored to scroll down the article. Therefore, it should be kept simple and short. For ease of reading, the authors recommend using simple sentences without many turns and commas. Simplicity and ease are the priority of the reader.

5. Paragraphs are a kind of building blocks from which the text is built. You should not sculpt large paragraphs in the Schopenhauer style, but rather limit their length to 5 lines. Stick to the rule: one paragraph, one thought. Avoid wide paragraphs because the reader is uncomfortable with glancing over them.

6. Competent structure Structuring by using bulleted lists, headings, subheadings, highlighting in the background, will add readability to your text.

7. Enthusiasm is one of the most important components of your article, forcing the reader to enthusiastically read your "creation". To add passion to an article, you need to use stories, word magnets, anecdotes, quotes, direct speech.

8. A postscript is considered an element of letters, but in any text there is a certain postscript, as a short summary or a call to some action.

9. Design Professional journalists have certain rules for text design: no more than 2-3 font sizes and no more than 2 colors in design. Otherwise, the text looks motley and motley. Watch the accuracy of the text!

10. The correct choice of pictures with lively emotions on them will make your text brighter and more interesting.

11. Editing And here comes the terrible final stage of editing your text, when the thoughts appear: “Who wrote this article?”. What needs to be done at the editing stage? Give the text a minimum time of rest - 1 day. With the subsequent proofreading, shorten unnecessary, split paragraphs, simplify sentences, insert words magnets and make your text really interesting!