Hello everyone! Yesterday I started the "Days of the week illustration". Today is Tuesday so here's the image for today! You can go through my previous post to see the image for Monday.

Below are the steps on how I painted this.

Application Used - Autodesk Sketchbook.

Use the pencil tool to sketch the pose. This is difficult because you need to get the body proportions right.
I filled up the skin using a paint bucket. The three colors at the right top are my color pallet which are the base color, highlight color and shading color
Here how it looks like after shading
I like working with a darker shade image so I duplicated the image into another layer and change the new layer to "multiply". This is to darken it.
Here's the final look of the model,

So, I need to cloth her. I sketched the style I pictured in my mind
I started painting the gown
Here's what the layers look like. You need to do everything on different layers. This is to enable easy correction when you make mistakes.
Voilà! The inspirational quote for today.

I hope you enjoyed the post? Thanks for going through it. 🤗 I'll be posting the one for Wednesday by tomorrow. Anticipate!

Ps: The fashion style belongs to my brand and it can't be recreated without permission.