Hello everyone! Today is Wednesday and I'm still on the days of the week illustrations. Here's the one for Wednesday and the process on how I achieved it.

Application Used - Autodesk Sketchbook

Here's the link to the post on how I painted the body


So, let's continue with the process.

Use the pencil tool to sketch the fashion style you want to put on your model.
I saw this fabric online and I love it. So I decided to use it to create a lovely gown for my model.
Lower the opacity of the fabric and erase the unnecessary areas using the "hard eraser" tool
Here's how it looks like after erasing the unwanted parts of the fabric.
I used the pencil tool to paint the neck and sleeves of the gown
It'll look like this after shading the dress. I used the airbrush tool and black color to shade the gown.
A quick glance at the layers to see the steps on how I illustrated this image

Here's the final look of the image! I hope you like it? Thanks for taking you time to go through the post. I'll be posting the one for Thursday tomorrow. Anticipate!