Last month, I was going to Gardens by the Bay for the River Hongbao event but I went to Satay by the Bay for lunch first. After lunch, I started to leave and saw this hippos.

上个月,我要去滨海湾花园里的春到河畔活动。之前先去了滨海湾沙爹吃午饭。 午餐后,我开始离开,看到了这只河马。

There was a couple of these sculptures by the side.


I walked to the car park and saw some flowers.


I decided to drive to the other side which was closer to where I would enter the event area. They have added new things at that side.

我决定开车到我要进场的入口的附近。 他们在那方面增加了新的东西。

There were some newer trees and this stream wasn't there before.


I stood with legs apart and go down low to get this shot but not perfect.


Waited for some people to clear and shifted the angle a bit to take another photo.


Stand up and I could see a mini waterfall which I started going towards.


Finally, a photos looking up to and down from the bottom of there.


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