I felt good yesterday although there was a little bit of panic before that. In the morning, I was checking if there were any changes to the caterpillars.


They were not as green in their chrysalis (yes, new word. I learned it's not cocoon). It was dark and my wife told me they were dead already. I told her I read they could be in there for 5 to 21 days. It has been less than two weeks.

它们的蛹没有那么绿(是的,新词。我知道它不是茧)。天黑了,我妻子告诉我他们已经死了。我告诉她我读到他们可以在那里呆 5 到 21 天。已经不到两周了。

Here is a video I made of the photos I looked from the day I spotted them eating the leaves of my pomelo plant.


I was working from home and my lunch was just delivered. Then I heard some noise. I looked at the bottle and I saw two butterflies fluttering.


I panicked a bit. I didn't want to keep them in there for too long as I was afraid they will get hurt. They look a bit like the large tree nymph I saw at the zoo before.

我有点慌了。我不想让他们在那里呆太久,因为我怕他们会受伤。它们看起来有点像我之前在动物园看到的Large Tree Nymph。

I moved the bottle outside and place it next to the pomelo plant before releasing them. Maybe, they will find their way back here for their offsprings. I recorded a short video before opening the cover. One flew out quite immediately. The other seemed to have difficulty finding it's way out so I had to give it a little help.


Oh shit. That was the crap left behind produced by the caterpillars as they consumed the pomelo leaves.


OK, let no good fertilizer good to waste. Into the pot where the pomelo plant is. 😎

好吧,就别浪费些好肥料。放入种植柚子植物的盆中。 😎

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