In May 2021, I was visting the zoo. After going to an enclosure where there were different birds, I went into another enclosure. Be careful, I almost step on this one on the floor. I did a search and it should the large tree nymph.

2021年5月,我参观了动物园。 在去了一个有不同鸟类的围区后,我进入了另一个围区。 小心,我差点踩在地板上这。 我搜了一下,应该是Large Tree Nymph。

Nearby, another one other butterfly feed off a net ball. I I wonder what they put in there. Maybe some honey.

在附近,另一只蝴蝶在一个网球求食。 不知道他们在放啥在里面。 也许是一些蜂蜜。

Further away, there were two on a slice of pineapple.


Before I exit from the enclosure, I saw two more large tree nymph and another two other butterflies.

在我离开围区之前,我看到了另外两只Large Tree Nymph和另外两只蝴蝶。

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