Soon after midnight when it was Friday morning, my wife screamed again. The evasive cockcroach that had decided to live in my room for two days already surfaced. I was going to sleep but I had to go on the offensive. Put some water on a piece of tissue to bomb it and armed with a hairspray to freeze it a bit.I thought I crush it very hard before I put in a box to dispose of it but it came back to like. Apparently, I search and I found cockcroach and survived being in a microwave oven. Luckiy, I had a day off on Friday so I deal with it after I sleep.


Morning breakfast. No, I wasn't eating the cockcroach. I got a new pot last Christmas.


My wife finally allowed me to buy a kind of instant noodle I have not try before.


So I was trying the pot and the noodle at the same time.


We had some fishballs in the fridge and I added that to the noodle.


These type of instant noodle comes with seasoning powder and sauces where you can put and mixed with your noodle. I kind of like them.


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