So there was news that Binance will not be supporting trades in Singapore. I was hoping look for another exchange to move some cryptos over. In the end, I just swap as much as I could to ETH and moved out of Binance.

有消息称,币安将不再支持新加坡的交易。 我希望找另一个交易所来转移一些加密货币。 最后,我只是尽可能转换成以太坊才从币安转出去。

I initiated the transaction after work from home day after 6pm. It took a few minutes to complete a source.

我在下午 6 点后在家工作下班后开始转账。 要几分钟的时间才完成。

Then went over to Bittrex which was really the choice I had in mind initially. The deposit was still processing.

然后转到 Bittrex,这也不是我最初想转到的选择。 转账还得一段时间。

It took a while but I finally move the main bulk of ETH over. Still looking for another backup exchange besides Coinbase and Bittrex but that can wait for now.

花了一段时间,但我终于将大部分以太坊转移了。 仍在寻找除 Coinbase 和 Bittrex 之外的另一个交易所以当后备,但现在可以慢慢找。

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