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By Lannie Brockstein

March 20th, 2023

BTC, HIVE, SCR and others have not been developed to feature this option for their users, whereby "each user not only owns their own data", but also where each user can then sell their own data to corporations if they opt in to do so.

Part of the reason as to why the corporations who purchase harvested data for their R&D departments have already lined up to accept the use of CBDCs, rather than BTC, HIVE, SCR and others is because those cryptocurrencies do not offer this feature. Should the option for users to sell their own financial transactions data to corporations be developed?

Corporations want to purchase the harvested data of all financial transactions. Thus far, they are limited to what data they can harvest from the rewards program cards their customers use at only their stores. The corporations do not care if the data generated from transactions at all stores (including those of their competitors) is harvested from the use of CBDCs or cryptocurrencies. But if that data as a product is not available to purchase from users as harvested from their use of cryptocurrencies, the corporations will instead purchase it from governments as harvested from the use of CBDCs.

Is the option for users to sell their own data to corporations an important features for BTC, HIVE, SCR and others to develop if they want to be accepted at stores when the governments have replaced all paper fiat currencies with CBDCs?

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