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Quite Quitting is a trend. Gen Z has already realized that traditional jobs are meaningless. Can crypto help the job market?

What is a traditional job?

The traditional job can label dull, ineffective, bureaucratic, soul-crashing, and many more negative feelings attached.

How do workers motivate to enjoy the boring work?

Many suggestions are to try to convince yourself to believe in the job again and trick yourself into changing your mindset.

The problem is not you but the job itself.

There are so many bullshit jobs created for nothing but to make companies walk like a zombie.

People take a job because of earning their living wages. Otherwise, they will find other things to do.

What makes a job fun?

Beyond a sense of belonging, people want to empower themselves with their job. They do not wish to follow others' paths and become coworkers.

People want the freedom to express themselves, and they want to have free thought in the workplace.

They want a feeling of accomplishment and achievement.

But, jobs created in the traditional route are zombies. They do not have any mindful meaning but follow repetitive operations.

Web3 Job Market

Web3 job starts with your contributing to DAOs. You have an experience period to test what the pre-job environment feels like. You will try the community and see if you want to fit in. It is all about you.

It is an opportunity to know yourself and showcase your skills to the community about how you can and will contribute.

You have options to show your identity to the community.

You manage your own schedule and create a work-life balance schedule if you want to.

You can create accomplishment or achievement by building a community with a social impact.

Each day in Wbe3 is different, and you will never be bored in the industry.

The Web3 company is a decentralized organization where no one is superior to you.

The onboarding process in Web3 is all about you and helps you familiarize yourself with the community.

So why are you waiting for?