Photo by Kind and Curious on Unsplash

The crypto market has changed. 😟

Whether or not you notice, Andre Cronje, creator of Yearn Finance, said the crypto is dead.

Too many projects want quick success and moonshot to produce products that are patched from any sources.

Bored Ape NFT 🦧 Otherland is an example.

If NFT is not for money, the $300M overnight sales need not be highlighted.

Selling Meta land to gain more brand valuation is one aspect of marketing. Costing high gas fees to users who tried to receive airdrop is another.

The problem in the crypto space is the bubble 🎈.

The bubble does not go away in any market. And it coexists within the crypto market.

When the market cools down, the bubble will accelerate the intensity. And it may never go away.

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Photo by Kind and Curious on Unsplash