Saving up one’s energy is another good way to remain focused in a distracted world.

In our world today, humans are in a constant drive to meet up specific demands. The economist put it as “trying to make ends meet”. However, in reality, the truth is that ends never meet.

In line with that, it is essential that as individuals we endeavor to create a time to rest for ourselves.

In a situation whereby, an individual is working and gradually notices he lacks concentration and is running out of steam, then, that may be the right time to take a rest.

Importance of rest

Resting up a bit is extremely important as it enables us to come back to our duties rejuvenated. There is no individual whose business progressed well that did not seek out a time to rest.

Experts state that after resting, humans tend to do their given tasks faster and with a clearer mind. So with all these in mind, it is important to take a break at intervals.

In a nutshell, not resting would mean not performing at your best. In turn not performing at your best already means you have been distracted. That is exactly how chemistry functions.

The concept of rest

The concept of rest does not mean you must always have to sleep. It just highlights the fact that every individual should endeavor to take time off the work at hand.

The time off work could be spent on taking a walk, having snacks, naps, or whatever takes your mind off the job at hand.


As aforementioned a brief moment to rest in between jobs would not hurt. This is so as long as you constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goal.

That would be the focus of our final series. Tips on remaining focused in a distracted world – Constantly remind yourselves of the ultimate goal

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel