So today would mark the end of the Tips on remaining focused in a distracted world series.

In line with that, another major factor would be discussed. It is the habit of constantly reminding oneself of the ultimate goal.

Why is this important

Without any doubt, all humans have an ultimate goal they want to achieve. It could be enjoying a happier family, attaining financial stability, improving physic, and stuff like that.

However, on our way to achieving the ultimate goal, we will no doubt face obstacles. It is when these obstacles arrive that we have to keep our eyes on the ultimate goal.

Focus – Nothing good comes easy

As aforementioned, in a bid to reach our ultimate goal, we can face obstacles and hurdles. Sometimes, these hurdles may be so strong that they seem like we cannot overcome them. When this happens, our focus has to remain on the ultimate goal.

When our focus is on the ultimate goal and not the barrier, we evolve. We end up looking for a different route that would still lead us to our result.


A perfect illustration is a man going to his farm. He realizes that the route he usually takes has become marshy and is no longer motorable. Does the man say he would not go to the farm because the roads are marshy? No is the answer. Instead, he figures out another way that would still get him to the final destination, the farmland.

Similarly, obstacles and impediments should not be a factor responsible for stopping people from chasing their dreams. Instead, it should serve as a motivation for improving creativity.


It has been an awesome journey these past five days. Talking about the tips responsible for remaining focused in a distracted world.

Without a doubt, those who followed this series no doubt derived a thing or two from it. As a final comment, it is important that everyone reading this would continue to remain focused. Having their eyes on the ultimate prize.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel