Took at day off from work. One of the thing I did was to go to a florist nursery that I have not visited before. I saw them from a bus I usually take to work as the bus passes Bukit Timah Road. It was not near the bus stop. I approached from the side and saw they had many plants outside waiting to deliver to customers who had bought them.


They have a big sign near the entrance.


There was a dome that I see from the bus.


Next to dome are many potted plants.


I recognise one of them as chrysanthemum.


There are also some bonsai before the entrance to the sheltered area.


Inside the sheltered area was pots of Azelea. There were pots of mandarin oranges. I saw one pot selling at $78 and more of them along the path to the entrance to an indoor section.


Inside, there is this poster telling you what plants are good for which Chinese zodiac signs. Isn't that smart.


These bamboo were weaved up nicely.


I went out to the back outdoor sheltered area where there had shade loving plants. See the little plants on the left that were nicely weaved up too?


I went into the dome. It was cooler in there. I was bit interested in Ilex Verticillata but they were selling at $68 a pot. Maybe the Azelea was more worth it. There was another type that looks nice but selling at $48.

我走进穹顶。那里比较凉爽。我对 Ilex Verticillata 有点兴趣,但它们的售价为$68。也许盆杜更值得。还有另一种看起来不错,但也要卖48元。

There was a table full of hyacinth and narcissus. Some were very nice. I left without buying anything but happy to have visited.


There is another nursery next to this but didn't look interestintg for me to go in.


I just continued walkin along the side and headed towards the Botanic Gardens.


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