Sleep is still a mysterious and not fully unraveled phenomenon, even for scientists.

It is poorly understood, both from the point of view of psychology and from the point of view of physiology.

Researchers of this mysterious area cannot fully determine what happens in the brain during sleep, why we sometimes see such different dreams, what they mean to us, and what meaning they carry.

Each of us has an innate ability to dream. From the moment when the child is able to remember his dream, he already begins to ask his parents what this or that dream can mean and why he saw it.

Dreams are different: happy, light, inspiring with the feeling of an easy flight, or vice versa - scary, nightmarish, frightening and creepy, making you wonder what such a terrible thing will happen or should happen and how to avoid it.

More recently, scientists have shared intriguing new facts about human dreams.

1. Familiar smells help to form certain memories in the brain during sleep. Learning performance is also associated with familiar smells in sleep.

2. The shaking of the body while falling asleep is absolutely harmless and is called "hypnotic jerks".

3. Playing wind instruments is good for sound sleep.

4. After analyzing the daily biorhythms, the scientists came to the conclusion that the best daytime sleep for the body's recovery is between 14:00 and 16:00. But at the same time, midday naps increase creativity. Personally, my opinion is that if you get a good sleep during the day, then doing something in the silence of the night is a great option))

5. The mutated DEC2 gene allows some people to get enough sleep after 4 hours of sleep a night without harm and side effects for the body. There are no more than 5% of such lucky ones on Earth, so do not rush to experiment with your own biorhythms, experiencing the hidden potential of the body! I suspect that such people have a much higher chance of success, due to the additional free time and, accordingly, the greater potential for growth in working capacity, as well as their own results. Most people need about 8 hours of sleep for full functioning, but 30% of people on the planet, according to statistics, do not allow themselves to relax and sleep 6 hours a day.

6. According to one of the theories why people need to sleep - during sleep, the brain organizes all our daytime memories and impressions, analyzing and sorting things that are difficult for us to decompose even while awake. Hence the phrase: “In any incomprehensible situation - go to sleep!". In sleep, we will be able to adapt and cope with memories of traumatic events.

7. Science does not stand still, and in some studies, when analyzing brain activity during sleep, it turned out to reconstruct the videos that people watched earlier on the You Tube channel. Scientists believe that with the development of the world of modern technology, it will be possible to track and decode dreams in this way.

8. If during 12 nights you sleep for 6 hours, then the state of your body will correspond, as in the presence of 0.1% alcohol in the blood. As a result, you will get illegible and slow speech, imbalance, and memory impairment.

That's it for today! Good healthy sleep for everyone in the amount sufficient for excellent health!