Scumbag from End Of World

The best tennis player in tennis history Novak Djokovic get imprisoned and treated like some illegal immigrant in country from end of world he actually helped with money during devastating fires. He got medical exception from obligatory vaccination and it was enough for embassy of this country to give him visa. He got visa in regular way, nothing has changed, but Australian Prime Minister got phone call from somewhere and give statement "If Novak Djokovic isn't vaccinated he can return back with first flight."

His visa was not canceled, nothing changed and he traveled there to play tournament called Australian Open. Australian custom canceled his visa when he arrived there and put him in custody like he's illegal immigrant in some hotel full of cockroaches. Prime Minister gave sick statement soon after "You can't roam around the world and think you are above law." So for him the best ever tennis champion is roaming when he is traveling to his country to play tennis tournament ?! Then Nadal, Medvedev, Zverev they are roaming too. American tennis players are roaming too when they come to play Australian Open. Gentlemen you're all roaming around world when you come to his country! This racist scumbag from end of world could better answer on which basis his country canceled already given visa ? Why didn't they cancel it before champions flight there and why did they give him one at all if there is any problem ? He can then answer how his country threat people ? Why his police is savagely beating people for not wearing masks on open ? How did some other players enter in Australia with same visa like tennis champion has ?

Australia country with 80,000 new covid cases per day is afraid that Novak Djokovic who hasn't covid (had it already and survived it without any bad symptoms) jeopardize Australian health system ? I don't think so! It's more likely someone is little nervous because Serbian could become officially the best tennis player in history because if he wins he will have Grand Slam more compared to Nadal and Federer. He has wrong DNA and should be stopped by any means. If you are older you might remember how they stopped and ended career of Monika Seles in Germany ? Some "mad fan" of Stefi Graf stabbed knife in her back!

Monika Seles

Hungarian female tennis players guilt was only fact that she came from FR Yugoslavia and much better than Stefi Graf. She isn't even Serbian, but Hungarian by nationality...

Other way of thinking is that someone from vaccine lobby obviously wants to threaten people and to show them what they can expect if they don't get jabs. Message is clear: If you didn't take it you will not have basic human rights like right to work, right to go in public transport or in stores to buy food. It's not long way from that to if you didn't get jab you should be hanged. It's not important that our jab is not protecting you from getting covid, it's not important you can transmit covid if you get jab, it's not important that you must fill form you will not hold anyone responsible if something gets wrong with you after you got jab, it's not important your blood can congest after it you must take it! This is all because we care for your health! You will get protected for couple of months (if that is truth at all) from heavy symptoms! Then you need another jab then another and like that until end of life. Your natural immune system has been outdated we'll give you artificial! Trust to Bil Gates, trust to company which already paid fines in USA for various things... Wow! How clever!

I personally took 2 doses and I am not going to take 3rd or any other. Gentlemen if you can't make real vaccine which will protect me for life in old fashion and if you are not standing behind it with all your property I will rather believe to my immune system than your empty words.

I am not among ones who believe the best tennis player suddenly wanted to settle in country on end of world and tried to go there like illegal immigrant. It's more likely he wanted to play on your tournament called Australian Open which should change name to Australian Closed. Fascism and racism you are showing here will just make people around world to despise your country. Pathetic Nadal family hasn't anything to hope to because even if Novak doesn't play in Australian Open Zverev and Medvedev will send that player home with first flight! Even if that doesn't happen Novak is the best in history because he won "King of Clay" on his pitch in Rolangaros. Ouch that defeat hurt isn't it ?! What do you say Nadal's uncle ?