So many moons of work from home and I don't know how many times we have lunch delivered. The delivery person sometimes just hang the food on the door handle and disappear. Sometimes without ringing the doorbell or knocking. I have to make sure the food did not drop when I turned the door handle. I have been trying to look for some kind of hook that I can use to let them hang the food properly. Finally, I found something I thouught would work on Lazda. This thing was meant for clamping on a table top for one to hang headset. Now, I don't have a big headset to hang but I thought this could fit the gate so I bought it. When I was delivered, I went to the pick locker at the community club to collect it.

在家工作了这么多个月,我不知道我们有多少次叫人送午餐来。 送货员有时只是把食物挂在门把手上就消失了。 有时没按门铃或敲门。 当我转动门把手时,我必须确保食物不会掉下来。 我一直在找某种钩让他们正确地挂上送来的食物。 最后,我在 Lazda找到了这我认为可以 上使用的东西。 这个本来是用来夹在桌面上的,用来挂耳机。 我可没有可以挂的大耳机,但我认为这可以适合大门,所以我买了它。 当送来后,我去了民众俱乐部的pick locker领取。

Hmm, it was bigger than I expected.


Still looks like should fit the gate.


Not the best fit but I think is the best solution I came across so far. So, now you can hook me up for lunch for #marketfriday by @dswigle.

不是完全合适,但我认为是至今是我将到的最好的解决方法。 所以,现在你可以将食物送来安全的挂着不拍会掉。

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