Selecting new bathroom cabinets to have a whole lot of benefits. It could completely give an area a new look, without any major renovations. Asides from that, a quality bathroom cabinet can also be a passageway for proper storage and smoother morning obligations.

Below are the steps to consider before selecting a bathroom cabinet. These tips are sure guides. Strict adherence would mean never going wrong.

Meditate about the size of the cabinet

One of the initial things to consider, when selecting a new bathroom cabinet is its size. An individual may want to purchase a bathroom cabinet, however, the sizes visible in the market may be a little confusing.

Bathroom cabinets, come in different sizes and shapes. In line with that, there are laid down measurements that are universally accepted. Standard bathroom cabinets sizes are 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60 respectively. However, while visiting the market, sizes from 14 to 72 may also be visible.

Adequate measurement is always crucial

Once the ideal cabinet size has been decided upon, confirmation on the spaces for clearance available in the house should be made.

There is no feeling that beats that of installing a new cabinet that fails to fit into the allotted space. This could be as a result of a drawer, door or shower stall.

In other to get rid of this negativity, using a tape to measure before any further step, would do just fine.

Take a proper evaluation of the sinks needs

Sinks are similar to Cabinets. A cabinet may require a specific kind of sink and these sinks come in different shapes and sizes. Some cabinets even come with sinks as well.

Take a survey of the number of sinks needed

It is of utmost importance to consider the number of sinks needed. Two sinks can always help lift the burden associated with the morning rush hour.

Nonetheless, questions still need to be asked. Would a double sink with little space be more useful as opposed to a single sink with suitable space?

Emphasize easy cleaning

The two major bathroom cabinets are either freestanding or wall-fixed. Freestanding cabinets usually provide more storage facilities. More to that, the free-standing cabinets are subject to more durable as opposed to the wall-fixed cabinets.

Still, while the free-standing cabinet contains more storage capacity, it is noteworthy that the freestanding bathroom cabinets are harder to clean. Since there are more nooks as crannies in the freestanding cabinets, cobwebs and dust could just be hanging around its corners.

Examine the existing home plumbing

When an individual plans to install a new bathroom cabinet, it would most likely come along with some plumbing duties. With that in mind, it is noteworthy to remember the already existing places of other plumbing materials.

Most freestanding cabinets would likely not need a lot of new plumbing connections. However, a wall-fixed or wall-mounted cabinet would require major hook-ups before being installed.

Putting that into consideration would help individuals understand the disparity between freestanding cabinets and wall-fixed cabinets.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel