Bitrue exchange is thrilled to announce that they have increased the APR for USDC and USDT in Power Piggy from 6% to 9%. In the meantime, Bitrue will also launch new staking pools for USDC and USDT at an APY of 11.2%. Exchange hope that this makes it easier for everyone to get in and start earning 9% or more on their investments!

See the table below for details:

  • USDT Power Piggy Flexible 9%
  • USDC Power Piggy Flexible 9%
  • TUSD Power Piggy Flexible 9%
  • GUSD Power Piggy Flexible 9%
  • USDT Staking 30-Day 11.2%
  • USDC Staking 30-Day 11.2%

Get started with Bitrue Power Piggy.

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About Power Piggy

Power Piggy is our traditional investment service which was launched in early 2019. Amazingly, Bitrue were true pioneers with this, because although investment products are now common it was the very first investment product on any cryptocurrency exchange. The concept is simple, just invest your coins and forget about them for a while. Every day you'll receive your interest paid directly into your Bitrue account, and you're free to remove the coins at any time you wish.

Power Piggy now supports over 100 coins with interest rates ranging from 2% to 12%. Don't leave your funds idle, make them start earning money for you!