Save the Date -- April 21, 2022:

Ethereum in the Enterprise 2022: Building and Operating on the Ethereum Network

A Conference and Product Showcase

Mark April 21, 2022, on your calendar for the EEA's Ethereum in the Enterprise Conference and Product Showcase. This event will feature presentations by some of the world’s most prominent Ethereum business and technology leaders, combined with our first-ever Ethereum Product & Services Showcase.

If you are interested in building and implementing Ethereum-based solutions and technologies, you don’t want to miss it.

Enterprise Blockchain in 2022 for Supply Chain and Financial Services Webinar

Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 9:30am ET

The EEA is excited to host a unique and insightful session this week with the ConsenSys Quorum Team to review 2022's most exciting financial services and supply chain blockchain projects and lessons learned in project deployment and integration. Attendees will have an opportunity to see a preview of the Quorum Blockchain Service platform and learn how it can help take the pain out of network governance and management.

This webinar is a great event to help you prepare for 2022!

EEA Education Series:

Using Ethereum and Web3 to Increase Access to Legal Assistance Around the World

Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 12:30pm ET

Join us for a look at how Ethereum can be used to provide legal assistance to underserved communities across the globe. Stevie Ghiassi and Kirsten Albers-Fiedler from Legaler Aid will talk about their charity organization and how it is leveraging blockchain technology to make legal services more accessible to society’s most vulnerable across the globe.

EEA Monthly Education Series: How Decentralized Storage Works & How It Will be Used in Business and Commerce

At the EEA's first monthly Education Series webinar of 2022, Adrian Corcoran of 0Chain talked about how decentralized storage can be used in business and commerce and explained the benefits of decentralized storage, increased security and privacy, edge availability, data ownership, and enhanced scalability. Access the recording.

Interest Group & Technical Working Group Updates

The first month of 2022 is almost done, and work is underway in a number of directions!

For now, the Trusted Execution Working Group feels that they have completed their scope of work and will shut down to refocus energy on other areas. We would like to thank Jean-Charles Cabelguen who has chaired the group for a number of years, as well as all those who have participated in it. Trusted Execution is an important topic, and we hope to continue future projects in this area.

The Testing Working Group (formally the Client Interoperability Testing Working Group) is moving forward with a proposed EIP based on their Exodus work. This will simplify the process of setting up a new network, including an Enterprise Ethereum Permissioned Blockchain, that will, for example, run multiple clients through the QBFT consensus algorithm.

The Core Specs Working Group hopes to release a QBFT specification in the first half of the year. Currently, their work is focused on consolidation toward that goal, and building a stronger spec for deeper interoperability. The group would also like to strengthen its implementation guidance.

The EthTrust Working Group is forging ahead with its ambitious goal to publish a version next quarter. Now is a good time for security auditors to start preparing any changes that will need to be made for compliance with the specification.

The Crosschain Interoperability Working Group is also moving forward with multiple documents. They have recently simplified their proposal for chain identifiers, ensuring that it can be completely decentralized, and are updating the EIP-3220 proposal based on it, among other work.

The Authority to Operate Working Group is also making progress at its early stage. John Greaves (of Equideum, formerly known as ConsenSys Health) has been joined by new co-chair Frederic de Vaulx of Prometheus, as well as other new participants. We look forward to the success of the group in establishing a reliable basis for organizations seeking to build on Ethereum technology for the US government and others who demand compliance with NIST standards.

Information on our Working Groups and Interest Groups is available on our Website. Members can join as many groups as they wish to contribute to. Join the EEA and start to make a difference to the community and the technology.