I like to have a flip cover on my mobile phone. I think of it as insurance in case the phone fall off from hand and Murphy's law said it lands on the screen. The lady broke my last cover and I had to buy a new one. She ripped of the flip cover while cleaning my phone. Soon after some searching on Lazada, I bought this for $5.41.

我喜欢在我的手机上有一个翻盖。 我认为这算是种保险,以防手机从手上掉下也有多一层保护。女人弄坏了我的最新的手机壳,我不得不买一个新的。 她在抹我的手机时撕下了翻盖。所以又去Lazada 搜索了一番后,我以 $5.41的价格买了这个。

A couple of weeks later, it arrived and I went to the picklocker to collect it. It fits with my phone nicely. Alas, the lady broke this one too recently. She didn't pull of the flip cover this time but cracked the plastic edge. The flip cover is still on and still in useable condition but you know why I look for cheap flip phone cover again.

几周后,它到了,我去领取。 它套上手机刚刚好。唉,那女人又弄换了这个。 这次她没有拉掉翻盖,而是把塑料边缘弄裂了。 翻盖仍处于可用状态,但您知道我为什么要再次寻找便宜的翻盖手机套。

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