Went to National Heart Centre Singapore building to take a break in the late morning today.


I got a latte with a heart which was bit sad because the lady in front of me got with with a bunny. Well, at least it was good free coffee.

我喝了一杯拿铁咖啡,心里却有点难过,因为我面前的那位女士的一杯里有只小白兔子。 好啦,至少这是很好的免费咖啡。

On the way home, I took the train to Caldecott MRT station to get dinner at Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. The sun had just set. One of the old tree here seemed to have been trimmed recently.

在回家的路上,我乘搭地铁到加利谷地铁站,准备到大巴窑1巷吃晚饭。 太阳刚刚落山。 这里的一棵老树似乎最近被修剪过。

Wait, what's that next to the tree.


A few crows were trap in the cage. Too bad for them. They have been quite a menance at neighboring towns recently and attacking people.

几只乌鸦被困在那笼子里。 对他们来说太糟糕了。 他们最近对邻近镇构成了相当大的威胁因为有袭击路人。

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