The most popular goddess in the USA

To find out the answer to this question, I analyzed the number of searches by Americans on Google for the last month (from August 20 to September 20, 2023).

As a result, received the following popularity rating:

  • 1: Aphrodite | 122 345
  • 2: Virgin Mary | 111 945
  • 3: Demeter | 89 123
  • 4: Hera | 79 871
  • 5: Athena | 69 690
  • 6: Artemis | 59 509
  • 7: Isis | 49 327
  • 8: Cybele | 39 145
  • 9: Persephone | 29 963
  • 10: Venus | 19 781

As you can see, in the USA "in favor" is mainly the Greek pantheon (except for the Virgin Mary in second place and the Egyptian Isis, but even in 7th place. Roman Venus is in the 10th place, but... in fact, it is the same Aphrodite).

For the analysis, I used data from Google Trends.

Only searches related to specific goddess names were considered, not just general queries such as "goddess" or "goddess of love".

The most popular goddess in the USA

The method is the same: I analyzed the number of search queries, but now from Ukrainians.

Interestingly, the Greek pantheon is also the most popular in Ukraine, and Aphrodite is also in first place in terms of popularity (do not be surprised that the number of requests is much smaller – this is because the population of Ukraine is approximately 10 times smaller than the population of the USA):

  • 1: Aphrodite – 19,875
  • 2: Virgin Mary – 14,950
  • 3: Hera – 9,900
  • 4: Artemis – 4,950
  • 5: Athena – 4,800
  • 6: Hestia – 3,850
  • 7: Selena – 2,800
  • 8: Persephone – 1,450
  • 9: Freya – 1,050

Except for the Virgin Mary, which is also in second place, it is almost exclusively a Greek pantheon. Only Scandinavian Freya, in 9th place. Ukraine is geographically close to Scandinavia.

Why is the Greek pantheon the most popular in Ukraine and the United States?

There are several reasons that can explain why the Greek pantheon is the most popular in Ukraine.

First, Greek mythology has a long and rich history. It has been the subject of study and creativity for many generations of people, and its characters and stories are well-known around the world.

Second, Greek gods and goddesses are often associated with values such as love, beauty, wisdom, and justice. These values are important to many people, and they find in Greek mythology a reflection of their own ideals.

Third, Greek mythology is often used in art, literature, and cinema. This has helped to popularize Greek gods and goddesses among the general public since ancient times (people may make these queries not only for religious, but also for purely creative / artistic motives).

✍ Bogdan Karasiov, September 23, 2ᛟ23.