Many sports schools spend part of their summer training by the sea, calling it sports training camps.

This year I became an indirect participant in this process.

The schedule of young gymnasts turned out to be quite busy. At 7:30 morning jogging, then breakfast, From 10:00 to 12:00 (for the professional group until 13:00), the first training session, lunch, a short rest during the afternoon heat and at 16:00 the beginning of the evening training. In such a frenzied and a little hectic mode, 14 days of our sunny holiday rushed by with rare and urgent joint sorties to the sea. The plus was that during training, children are under the supervision of a trainer and parents can take time for themselves swimming and rest.

The goals of the sports camps were to improve choreography and acrobatic elements, which many participants and participants successfully coped with. On the last evening before leaving, the girls were pleased with the dance number, which was prepared especially for their parents.