Goodday all here on Scorum, it is another great day to be talking about something right here on the website.

As many may have noticed, it is my priority to make sure I drop at least an article every day on this website.

That being said, the highlight of today’s discussion would be how youths can live a fulfilling life in their 20s. Many individuals have lived life wrongly in their 20s and regretted them badly in their later lives. That should not be your situation.

Before we dive in fully, this article is only for individuals in their 20s who want to put in the work to be successful. On the other hand, if success is not important to you, then kindly move on as this is not for you.

Highlights on life in your 20s

Our 20s are arguably the most innovative time of our lives. At this age, a whole lot of things can be learnt and changed. This is the stage where humans are urged to start pursuing goals they have always dreamed of if they have not started much earlier.

In line with that, this article is going to serve as a reminder for many in their 20s. Urgent reminder, trying to keep all individuals in their 20s focused on their goal.

The worst thing those in their 20s can believe

The worst idea those in their 20s can hold on to is that they have time. This is one of the absurd ideas ever. Feeling you have still got a lot of time ahead of you is a very wrong idea.


The 20s are the time when you need to be making some of the amazing decisions of your life. Trying out those thoughts you have always had at night, making mistakes, and learning. It is far from the time when you try to be too conservative with your life.

It is also a very wrong time to spend so much time surfing the internet. Spending too much time on the internet is one of the major things hindering many young adults from achieving set goals.

That should be put on the check as well.


As a final thought, your 20s are the perfect time to create, work, make mistakes and learn. To achieve greatness, failure must be part of the process. Embrace failure and learn from it.

Your 20s are the bedrock ages if you desire to enjoy an amazing life in future.

Article Writer ✏️ Ordu Daniel