It is not only us humans who love to enjoy life. In the animal world, too, there are some representatives who seem to know how to take it easy and enjoy the sun shining on their backs. There are not many who don't mind a warm back or belly, and as soon as the sun shows up these days, everyone is out to find a cozy spot. And if you can also enjoy the beauty of this time of the year, then things can hardly get any better.

Some members of the reptile family seem to agree and have found themselves a great place for their sunbath. At a water basin directly next to a row of cherry trees, which were in full bloom on this day. With so much beauty around, you don't let curious passers-by and photographers stress you out, but rather enjoy your well-deserved break.

I can certainly relate to that, because it's almost exactly the same for me. This season is unique and you just have to admire and marvel at this Sakura beauty. Finally, man and beast are in agreement.