The signs are quite clear, it is impossible to hold back spring. Not only the sun can be seen more and more often and impresses us now with blue skies, but also the temperatures are becoming more and more pleasant. Even if there is still a long way to go, and in the last two days the winter almost came back again.

A lot of wind with an unpleasant rain and on top of that some quite low temperatures. But despite all this misery, I could also make out some messengers of spring today, which clearly indicate where the journey will go in the coming weeks. Until the cherry blossom it is still quite a while, in our latitudes we will probably have wait until mid-April. But today I discovered some other blossoms, which made me irrevocably clear, where we stand right now.

I'm talking about the plum, which shows its first delicate blossoms about a month before the cherry and leads the way. Ume 梅 - as the plum is called in Japan, is usually quite in the shadow of her sister Sakura 桜, but nevertheless has many admirers and her appearance is eagerly awaited by many.

And now the time has come, even if the first flowers still hesitate to show themselves. It is probably still too cold for them too, but someone has to make a start now. Even if you still have to look around to find some Ume blossoms, and I probably were just lucky and at the right time and the right place., soon things are going to change. In the next week it should become sunnier and milder again and then hopefully a few more blossoms will show up here and there and try to impress us.

Then, finally, that very particular spring scent will take hold, which for me in this area is so distinct, even if I can never quite place it. The scent of spring, and I can hardly wait to feel it in my nose, where I hope it will linger for a long time.

At the moment I remain for a little longer with my plum blossom and just enjoy the moment. I'll keep going later, you don't always have to be in a hurry.

Therefor, I am wishing you all a wonderful day!