Fortunately, life and the world are regularly showing themselves from their most beautiful sides. Especially in these days, in which the cherry blossom has risen to top form and inspires us everywhere with its white-pink flower dress, there is simply no reason not to come outside into the open air and visit the nearby parks. Especially since I know what a magical sight is waiting there for me.

And then I stroll, sometimes faster and sometimes slower, letting the pure magnificence wash over me. Like on this paved path which winds through one of our parks and where I'm only too happy to wander. This is a wonderful stretch of a way and I really love walking here.

Cherry trees flank the track from both sides, forming an enchanting canopy of blossoms. And since the wind has now also blown some petals onto their way down, the path ahead looks as if a fine carpet had been laid out especially for this occasion. A sight as if it had been painted for us.

Charming and almost a little dreamy, when walking along here, there is no need to hurry. You'd better look around a few times and let the whole scenery take effect on you from all sides. As always, the moment is unique, and the magic lies precisely in the transience that preserves little, but changes everything quite quickly. And therefore I soak up all this beauty and try to gain new strength, inspiration and also stimulation from it. And in my thoughts and memories I walk along this path a few more times and simply enjoy life. And I am happy that it always gives us such wonderful moments and impressions.