If you have trouble falling asleep, try listening to my special music for sleep in the evening (duration 24:24 min.)

In addition to very calm music, I added the sounds of the sea, crickets, the crackling of the fire, birdsong, the sound of the wind in the treetops... (not all at once, but alternating).

For the effect to be, listen lying down and with headphones 🎧 .

Many people in our country will need psychological help after what they have experienced. After the war, we will also have a huge number of people with post-traumatic syndrome. That's why I had the idea to write music for sleep and relaxation. Probably, in the current situation, it will be very useful for the people. Hope this music will help someone to reduce their stress level. I plan to write such long tracks with sleep music at least once a month, maybe several times.