I'm a big fan of the movie "Terminator" (although not the whole series, but only Terminator 1,2...well, and also partially "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", although the plot of "Chronicles" is very stupid in places and does not hold up to criticism).

Today I bring you the soundtrack to my favorite scene from the first "Terminator" movie: T-800 destroying the police station.

I think, here came a real horror in music. Listen with headphones and tell me: doesn't it give you chills like watching a horror movie?

The music does not copy Brad Fidel, and at the same time it fully corresponds to the spirit and letter of Terminator. When combined with a video sequence from the film, there is no doubt about this.

Looks like the fans of the movie liked. I posted it only this night, and already on Facebook there are active likes and favorable comments.

Unexpectedly, even Peter Kent responded - Arnold's understudy, who was filmed in this scene (and also in the second part drove instead of Arnie in the "sharp" scenes on the "Harley" and jumped out on the move on the hood of the Caterpillar to shoot the T-1000 at point blank range). Perhaps, I will ask Peter about the filming process in more detail and write a separate post about it.

And I was thinking about this this morning over coffee, what an interesting time we live in. Previously, in order to reach out to some people, it was necessary to go through seven rounds of bureaucracy (or even eight!). Now everything is different.

The second theme is completely different, it is no longer a pure soundtrack, but completely modern music (my favorite combination of dubstep + chillstep + chillwave styles).

Bogdan Karasiov - Terminator T-900 (dubstep 2023)

The T-900 baby is admirable. In fact, the perfect woman. The head never hurts, the nerves never tremble, and the mind is great! :-D

It would be possible, for example, to send her instead of yourself to the chess championship and take the prize of 200,000 dollars)).

  • Music: Bogdan Karasiov;
  • Video editing: Amper Sand;
  • Video series: "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", mostly episodes with T-900 Cameron Phillips (actress Summer Glau).

Thank you for visiting this page and paying attention to my music. Please, write your thoughts in comments, if you are in the mood. I have not been interested in writing longreads for a long time, now I am more interested in simple communication fith my friends from different countries.

✍ Богдан Карасьов, March 27, 2023.