A frame from the historical film "Fire and Sword": Ukrainian Cossacks defeated the elite guard of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Battle of Yellow Waters, 1648.

"Ukrainе calling me" is a modern Ukrainian military song, a cover of "Valhalla calling me", but with completely different words. I will add the translation of the text in English in comments, because I have already posted it on my Facebook before, and it will reduce the uniqueness of the post.

Roman Kryvoshey make an original cover in 2022. The song was first called "Ukrainian marching":

In 2023, Kasatka Inga redid the cover more professionally, giving him a name

"Ukraine calling me"

Inga's performance is really much more professional. But I still like Roman Kryvoshey's first version better. Because a marching military song should sound more simple, and at the same time atmospheric. After all, in ancient times, soldiers could sing such songs simply on the march, without musical instruments at all.