Antonio Vivaldi

From time to time I have problems with fast ticking of my heart. My pulse goes to values from 150 to 165. It happened first time 5-6 years ago after nightmare where I saw devil during dream. At that time I didn't know what it is just noticed I get tired faster during walking and decided to go to cardiologist. On my surprise she asked me how did I come there order me to lay down and call ambulance which drive me into city hospital where I spent few days. They gave me who knows what and managed to return pulse to normal next day morning. I got choice to do operation or to take pills and I chose pills.

After a while I noticed that pills are getting me tired that I can't walk and talk at same time when I take them and hardly decided to drink them only when I have tachycardia attack. I read somewhere that classical music can drop blood pressure and calm down person. During next few attacks which used to happen once in month or two I noticed that laying down after pill and listening Vivaldi's Four Seasons help to get normal heart beat rate again.

XVIII century Italian Baroque composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher, impresario, and Roman Catholic priest showed his music has magical characteristics on last attack. It happened in August this year after to much swimming in local river Sava. It didn't stop and I ended in hospital again. They started to give me all those fancy substances like amyadaron and who knows what else, but it didn't stop for 24 hours. Then I remembered Vivaldi, took mobile phone put headphones into ears and start listening four seasons. After one hour of listening nurse came to me saying your birthrate is finally ok well done... I ended up with new pills which I need to take on regular basis which I am doing now.

This wonderful calming composition with beautiful repeating rhythm especially on "Spring" and "Autumn" has influence. During listening I feel like some higher power - force is repairing my body. Then when it comes to "Winter" it become quiet beautiful melody and during listening I feel like it tries to calm me down to point of falling asleep. Usually after that attack passed. Of course pill has effects too, but Vivaldi's music looks like great supplement to it.

Four seasons Vivaldi

I've heard there is a theory in Japan that classical music has good influence on living creatures. I don't know if it's true but some article is saying that some scientist took two same plants and play classic music to one and rock music to another and first grow high and great while second was stunted despite same light and water condition. After this I am inclined to believe that classical music has good influence on living creatures and Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" is for me top of it.