On Saturday, I was talking a walk at Gardens by the Bay and came across a Rain Tree planted by our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1986.

星期六,当我在滨海湾花园走时,看到一棵由我们的开国总理李光耀在 1986 年种的雨树。

I took a couple of pictures from different angle.


Interestingly, Gardens by the Bay opened in June 2012 based on my research and this tree certainly looks like it has planted long enough ago as 1985. Now, Gardens by the Bay was built on reclaimed land. That means way before Gardens by the Bay, the tree was already planted there.

有趣的是,根据我的搜索结果,滨海湾花园于 2012 年 6 月开放,这棵树看起来确实先早在 1985 年就已经种植了。滨海湾花园是建在题海的土地上。 这意味着在滨海湾花园之前,这棵树已经种在那里了。

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