I was walking to office after getting off the bus earlier this week on the using route.


I passed the place before I go up some steps several times but that time I noticed something on the grass patch. You cannot seem them, right?

我经过了这在上几个台阶之前的地方很多次次,但那一次我注意到草地上有什么东西。 你看不到吧?

Tiny little flowers.


So little that I had to go near in order to see them.


There were quite a few of them but so small you cannot see them. You probably see the mimosa if you stop to look but not the flowers unless you go nearer. I did a search and think I'm more than 50% sure it's the Ruellia repens L that I found on this link:


有不少个但太小了所以看不到它们。如果你停下来看看,你可能会看到含羞草,但除非你走近,否则看不到小花。我搜索了一下,结果我5成以上的把握是我在此链接上找到的 Ruellia repens L:https://www.nparks.gov.sg/florafaunaweb/flora/3/3/3339

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