Bowie Knife Giveaway!

I have never met Mike personally but I watch his videos regularly and we have passed a few emails where we talked about wild edible plants and medicinal plants. I watched this video a few minutes ago and thought some of my subscribers might be interested in entering his contest for a chance to win this knife. In fact, I am going to use this post to enter the contest myself and if I win I will then re-gift it to a Scorum member who subscribes to Mike's YouTube channel and enters the Bowie Knife Giveaway contest by carefully following his requirements. Tell him I sent you in the video comments and then post a link back to this blog so that he knows who you are talking about. Comment on this blog and that will then give you two chances to win this prize!

If you like to learn the old ways of doing things and all about the common plants that you might find anywhere in nature and how to make good use out of them, then you will enjoy Mike's videos as much as I do.

Not convinced yet? Here is another sample of what his videos are all about, and even if you are not interested in the material in his videos you might just find the soothing way that he talks and his good nature to be like a balm for your soul all by itself.

So comment below that you want to enter this contest on my channel for another chance to win the knife (just in case I happen to win it myself).

Post a link here to the social media site where you shared one of his videos

And make sure you put a link to this blog on his YouTube channel so that Mike will know who sent you.

Even if we don't win the knife, I will also add a chance to win 100 SCR so that anyone who enters Mike's contest and comments below about it will not only get an extra chance to win the knife, but you will also get a chance to win 100 SCR. So there are two chances to win the knife and another chance to win 100 SCR!

I will let Bamamama draw for the winner of the knife first if it were to come to me, and whether I won the knife or not I will have her also draw a name for the 100 SCR.

Good Luck!

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This Contest Has Ended!

A woman from the USA won the knife, here is the video but only the last couple of minutes is of interest because most of the video is just a countdown and recording of last minute entries.