Back to the town central after some visiting and ended up at MOS Burger. Coincidentally, I was queueing at the self service ordering kiosk behind someone I knew and only saw her when she finished ordering and turned around. She said MOS Burger was her day 1 dinner for the last 3 Chinese New Year.

出去拜年后回到市镇中心,最后来到 MOS Burger。 巧合的是,我在自助点餐亭排队,排在我认识的人后面,当她点完菜转身时才看到她。 她说 MOS Burger 是她过去3个年初一的晚餐地点。

I paid about $15 for the meal.

这顿花大约 15元。

There was a hot dog meal with fries and a tea, a burger for me and a clam chowder.


My burger is a croquette burger which is sort of vegetaria because there is a potato patty in there.


Maybe next year day 1 dinner will be there too. 😎

也许明年年初一也会在那里。 😎

Here is a video I recorded.


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