Was out to Marina Bay Sands for AWS Summit on Thursday. After taking some photos outside, I went up and found I wasn't very early.

周四去 滨海湾金沙参加 AWS 峰会。 在外拍了几张照片,我上去发现我还不算很早。

There were already many people there.


I went into the Grand Ballroom area.


Found I was still early enough to grab some food without a long queue.


I even found a place to sit and atee as I waited for my colleague to join.


Went to the ballroom when the keynote speech started.


There were tea break and lunch too but no buffet lines at lunch which was nice.


There were also a nice coffee station from one of their partner.


Spent most of my time on track 3 where they focus more on data analytics solution. Thanks for the water bottle. Maybe, I'll see you next year.

我大部分时间都在 第三道 上,他们更专注于数据分析解决方案。 谢谢你的水瓶。 也许吧,明年见吧。

Took a bus to NUS Alumni House after that for another event.


There was food there too for a talk on ChatGPT. They called the food light refreshment but who can complain when it's free.

在 ChatGPT座谈会也有食物。 他们称食物为清淡的茶点,但免费的失望谁能抱怨。

Here is a video I recorded.


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