Today is day 7 of the Chinese New Year know as the ""ren ri"" or birthday of everyone. I went out to buy online to buy yusheng from the soup spoon. They a individual version too. 😎

今天是农历新年初七,也称为“人日”是人人的生日。 去Soup Spoon网购他们的鱼生。 还有个人分的呢。 😎

It cost $28.80 and I can collect in in about half an hour.


I went over still waited a while.


The bag was too big for the everything so things were sagging. Luckily, the containers were well sealed.

袋子装不下所有东西,所以东西都下垂了。 幸好的是,容器密封得很好。

And the items were packed nicely.


They even had a QR code for you to scan an download the instructions.


Unloaded everything and ready for the tossing.


Watch the video for that.


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