Happy Easter to all who observed Easter. This picture of a the start of a terrarium display my wife did some weeks ago.

祝所有关注复活节的人复活节快乐。 这照片是太太在几周前做的玻璃容器展示。

It turned out quite nice already in between.


I thought it should have more earth. She told me she used less soil than her colleagues. Along the way home, her train ride was like an ""earthquake"" to the terrarium.

我认为它应该有更多的土。 她告诉我她用的土比她的同事少。 在回家的路上,她乘坐的地铁对玻璃容器来说就像一场“地震”。

So she had to do some renovation when she reached home.


In the end, the bunnies are still intact. 😎

最后,兔子们还是有个家。 😎

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