It was a beautiful morning on Sunday. Quite a pity, we didn't go out and finished the household chores until quite late.


Went for a really late lunch at 4pm The food centre at Lorong 8 Toa Payoh wasn't crowded.

下午 4 点去吃了一顿很晚的午餐。大巴窑8巷的熟食中心并不是很多人。

The price of wanton noodle had risen to $3.50 but still one of the cheaper noodle in town.

云吞面价格已上涨至 $3.50 ,但仍然是镇上最便宜的面条之一。

And you can still add $1 to get extract prawn dumplings or fried wanton.


9 bucks altogether for meal for two isn't very expensive and they are good enough for me to go back often enough.

两个人一共花了 9 元的餐费不是很贵所以我也偶尔去。

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