Microsoft Designer was touted as the Canva competitor. I signed on to join their waitlist some time back and recently receive a mail from them to try it. So I decided to play with it on Sunday.

话说Microsoft Designer 将会是 Canva 的竞争对手。 前段时间我注册加入了他们的候补名单,最近收到了他们的一封邮件让我去尝试一下。 所以我决定在星期天玩玩。

With nothing in mind, I thought I'll try imagine what it can do if I wanted to design some EDM to ask employees to join a company bowling tornament. After my experience with ChatGPT, I tried to give it as much details as I wanted. It didn't help. The design wasn't something that appeals to me.

脑子空白,我想怎么试就想起不如设计个电子海报 来邀请员工加入公司保龄球赛。 在体验了 ChatGPT 之后,我尝试尽可能多地提供它的详细信息。 第一印象是设计不是吸引我。

Then I cut down the the description text and the design came out better. There were bowling ball and pins.

然后我删掉了些描述文字,设计出来的效果还好些。 有保龄球和球瓶。

I clicked [Generate] and more design appeared.


After another click on [Generate] and more design, I decided to choose one to [Customize].


There are some menu items on the left. I need to add more text.

左边有一些菜单项。 我需要添加更多文字。

I added the text and positioned them where I wanted.


Then searched for an imaginary QR code and they provided one I added.


Finally, adjusted the text at the top to tell people to scan the QR code to register.


I can then download and there was a few options provided.


I chose PNG.


The PNG file was downloaded.

下载了 PNG 文件。

This is how it looked. Pretty decent if you asked me and didn’t need a lot of work. This should put some designer out of work or improve the productivity of some designers depending on how you look at it. 😎 Do you think you will like Microsoft Designer?

这是最后结果。 对我来说算是不错了。不费吹灰之力就让你完成一些简单设计师。这或者会让些计师事业或者会提高一些设计师的工作效率。 看你怎么看吧。😎 你觉得你会喜欢 Microsoft Designer 吗?

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