Went to Plaza Singapura for dinner on Saturday. They have this Jelly Baby Family sculpture outside which I always like to stop and take a photo.

星期六去狮城大厦吃晚餐。 他们有一个 Jelly Baby Family 雕塑,我总是喜欢在外面停下来拍照。

The mall didn't look very big but they had an extension behind me some years ago. There is a cinema at the top floor at the far end.

购物中心看起来不是很大,但几年前他们在我身后有一部分扩充了。 尽头的顶层有一家电影院。

I went into a Decathlon store and saw bag I may want to buy so I snap a photo of the tag so I can compare with other products.


Next to the restaurant was this place with rather cool decoration. Can you guess what this place is?

餐厅旁边是这个装饰相当酷的地方。 你猜得出这是什么地方吗?


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